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 +====== teaching ======
 +I have extensive experience teaching in different areas of linguistics, corpus and computational linguistics and digital humanities / philology. This page provides  information on my teaching in the current semester as well as past courses in chronological order and by area of expertise.
 +===== current semester  =====
 +^semester^course title^
 +|summer 2021|02-25-1067-vl Digital Philology: Introduction|
 +|  |02-25-1052-gk Introduction to linguistics II|
 +|  |02-25-2011-ue Methods and Techniques of Natural Language Processing|
 +|  |02-25-2009-se Computer Applications in Linguistics|
 +|  |02-25-2010-ue Standard Tools for Linguistics and Humanities Computing|
 +|  |02-15-1092-ko Forschungskolloqium Corpus and Computational Linguistics|
 +|  |02-15-1092-ko Forschungskolloquium Digital Humanities|
 +===== previous courses =====
 +[[teaching:teaching-chronological|teaching: chronological archive]]