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Bartsch, Sabine. 2004. Structural and functional properties of collocations in English. A corpus study of lexical and pragmatic constraints on lexical co-occurrence. Tübingen: Verlag Gunter Narr.


Part of the proficient language user's linguistic knowledge is an intuitive awareness that many, if not most, words in his language display a marked tendency of occurring in more or less fixed and recurrent word combinations, so-called collocations. The frequency of collocations in authentic language samples suggests that linguistic organisation relies heavily on lexical co-selection, yet little in known about the nature and distribution of collocations.
This book investigates structural and functional properties of collocations involving verbs of verbal communication, adjectival past participles and desubstantival adjectives. The study is based on a structural and statistical analysis of these collocations in the British National Corpus. It shows that constraints on collocational structures are not merely of a lexical and syntactic nature, but that semantic-pragmatic constraints also play a role in lexical co-selection. Results of the study suggest, furthermore, that collocations serve the function of carriers of culturally determined meaning.


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Other publications

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