I have extensive experience teaching in different areas of linguistics, corpus and computational linguistics and digital humanities / digital philology. This page provides information on my teaching in the current semester as well as past courses in chronological order and by area of expertise.

current semester

semestercourse title
summer 202302-25-1067-vl Digital Philology: Introduction
02-25-1052-gk Introduction to linguistics II
02-25-2009-se Computer Applications in Linguistics
02-25-2010-ue Standard Tools for Linguistics and Humanities Computing
02-25-2011-ue Methods and Techniques for Natural Language Processing
02-et-5000-ko Forschungskolloqium Corpus and Computational Linguistics
02-et-5002-ko Forschungskolloquium Digital Humanities

previous courses

thesis supervision

I am happy to supervise Bachelor and Master's theses that fall into my area of research and teaching. Please talk to me early in the process of your preparation for the thesis.

Bachelor theses

Bachelor theses supervised:

Master's theses

Master's theses supervised:

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